Pupil Premium 2017-18

This year we have one pupil entitled to Pupil Premium.

£1,320 has been be added to our budget.

We have assessed the needs of this pupil, including a discussion with the parents and have used this money in the following way:

Specific learning needs program
Weekly 1-1 maths and memory tutoring with TA
(Spring and Summer Term 2018)
New resources to support this program £150
Boosting Reading Support (Summer Term 2018) £370
TOTAL £1320

Might you be eligible?

Pupil premium provides the school with extra funding. This additional money could make a significant difference to us. We can use it in any way we choose to improve the quality of the education that we provide for your child. This could include for example additional training for our staff, investing in partnership working with our colleagues in the area to further our expertise or supporting our staff in working on specialised areas such as speech and language.

Free school meals are available to people who are classed as unemployed and receiving a qualifying benefit.

However, this is not automatically available, as an application needs to be completed and returned to school or free school meal office at County Hall. An application cannot be made retrospectively as the process is a set criterion and there is no appeals process.

Children who receive income support or income-based jobseekers’ allowance in their own right are also entitled to claim free meals under the same application process.

If a child attends school, or the parent/guardian resides, in Northumberland the applicant can apply to Northumberland authority for free school meal

If you think you may be entitled, you can also apply online.