Sports Premium School Year 2018-19

Amount of premium received: £16,190


To encourage interest in a new activityHired Coaching in:
Bollywood Dance
Modern Dance
Street Dance




Weekly Lunch Club:

Activity days:
Trampolining, rowing, orienteering, rounders




Some children* now attend after school street and modern dance.

Interest raised in a local archery club.

Pupils would love to continue fencing and quidditch but not available at present.

All children in Y1-4 have experienced at least a half-term’s tuition.

Interest raised in new opportunities. Water sports have become an enjoyable sport to attend occasionally (when possible as not available locally)*

54% children* attend at least one after-school active clubs- dance, football, tennis, rugby, Tae Kwondo, swimming.
Inter-school tournamentsTransport and Organisational costs:
Athletics, Kwik Cricket, Multi skills
£770Development of resilience and self-esteem.
Staff CPDWeekly PE Specialist lesson alongside staff
Weekly swimming lesson by specialist alongside staff.
£4000Teaching staff confidently teach PE and pupils receive high-quality teaching.
Extending and improving swimming skills by the end of KS2Swimming lessons and transport:
Introduction of lessons for Reception and KS1.
£2056N/K until children reach KS2- we expect them to be more confident and competent from earlier start.
To teach PE more effectivelyThe purchase and installation of fixed goal posts.Football can be taught with goals!
To extend and encourage active playtimesIncrease and improve storage and equipment for active play.Equipment is used at every outdoor play.
To improve health and wellbeingMindful meditation and movement- installation of new yurt funded by Friends of Harbottle School with some post-installation cost by Sports Premium grant.All children use meditation and mindful movement to improve their mental and physical health.
To understand more about keeping safe and what to do if injured1st Aid training for all children.All children are more aware and confident in what to do if injured.

* For after-school clubs- With only 26 pupils in FTE and being in a remote area, pupils rely on organisations  to provide extra-curricular active clubs and parents to be able to take them.